Name of the various laboratories :- 

DBSCR Govt. Polytechnic, Sampla
S.No.Name of LabFaculty under chargeDepartment
1FOEE 1st year/Electrical Engineering LabMs. TarniElectronics & Communication
2EIM Lab, InstrumentationMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
3Communication Lab (i)POCE        (ii) CS LabMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
4Digital ElectronicsMs. TarniElectronics & Communication
5Analog Lab / Basic Electronics/ EDC LabMs. TarniElectronics & Communication
6NFTL LabMr. BhupenderElectronics & Communication
7Computer Lab/                                                  Computer Programming using CMs. TarniElectronics & Communication
8Power ElectronicsMs. TarniElectronics & Communication
9Microprocessor /Microcontroller LabMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
10TSEE lab/ Electronic Design & Simulation Lab / Project LabMs. TarniElectronics & Communication
11Medical ElectronicsMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
12Audio Video System/Consumer Electronics LabMr. BhupenderElectronics & Communication
13Digital Communication LabMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
14Optical Fiber LabMr. BhupenderElectronics & Communication
15Wireless Communication LabMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
16MWR LabMr. BhupenderElectronics & Communication
17Smart Class LabMr. JatinElectronics & Communication
18Strength of Material LabSh. Parveen KumarMechanical
19Thermodynamics-I LabSh. VipinMechanical
20CAD LabSh. Parveen KumarMechanical
21Material & Matellurgy LabSh. VipinMechanical
22Hydraulics & Pneumatic LabSh. VipinMechanical
23Thermodynamics-II LabSh. VipinMechanical
24Theory of Machines LabSh. VipinMechanical
25Refrigeration & Airconditioning LabSh. VipinMechanical
26Automobile Engg. LabSh. VipinMechanical
27Inspection & Quality Control LabSh. VipinMechanical
28CNC LabSh. ParmodMechanical
29Applied mechanicsSh. VipinMechanical
30Workshop practice I, II, IIISh. ParmodMechanical
31Applied PhysicsMr. Sanjeev KumarApplied Science
32Applied ChemistryMs. PoojaApplied Science
33English LanguageMs. SanjuApplied Science
34Information TechnologyMs. ManishaApplied Science
35Environmental StudiesMs PoojaChemical Engg.
36Introduction to Chemical EngineeringMs PoojaChemical Engg.
37Fluid FlowMr. SukhpalChemical Engg.
38Mechanical OperationsMr. SukhpalChemical Engg.
39Heat Transfer-I &11Mr. JitenderChemical Engg.
40Basics of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMs PoojaChemical Engg.
41Mass Transfer-I &11Mr. SukhpalChemical Engg.
42Chemical TechnologyMs PoojaChemical Engg.
43Petroleum and Petrochemical TechnologyMr. SukhpalChemical Engg.
44Computer Applications in Chemical IndustryMr SumitChemical Engg.
45Employability Skills I &11Mr. JitenderChemical Engg.
46Process Instrumentation and ControlMr SumitChemical Engg.
47Pollution Control in Chemical Process IndustryMr SumitChemical Engg.
48Various Workshops like Welding, Smithy Lathe, Milling machines, Welding shop, Carpentry shop, CNC Lab and CNC Lathes.Mr. ParmodWorkshop
49Surveying LabMr. Harender GoyatCivil
50Computer LabMr. Harender GoyatCivil
51Highway Engineering LabMr. Naveen PuniaCivil
52Soil Mechanics & foundation Engineering LabMr. Hardeep KumarCivil
53Concrete Technology LabMr. AnuragCivil
54B.C. Lab & C.M. LabMr. AnuragCivil
55COMPUTER LABAr.ManojArchitectural Assistantship
56MODEL MAKING LABMRs. AshimaArchitectural Assistantship

In Addition to various labs we have a well equipped Smart Classroom/Seminar Room having all modern audio visuals aids in all departments